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Focus Diffuser Drops

Designer: Willelaine Aromatherapy

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Feel ready + motivated with our O.G Focus Blend. Motivate is our go-to blend when feeling a bit bleh and needing a boost of energy! A fab blend of Peppermint + Sweet orange, this blend leaves you feeling uplifted and motivated to get your butt into gear.

To use : Pop 5 or so drops into your diffuser with water + diffuse, simple!

This divine scent will travel through your home + leave a zesty scent behind. 

Best thing is, all of our products are 100% Natural + 100% Amazing. 

  • Diffuse in office or home daily to feel focused and motivated.
  • Infuse your morning shower with “Focus” by popping 20 drops around the base of your shower - The zesty orange and fresh peppermint will get you going!
  • Pop 10-15 drops onto your gym towel for added motivation at the gym - Avoid Eyes
  • Wash your work clothes with our “Focus” Blend by putting 10-20 drops in your washing load. This will help you associate work clothes with motivation and focus.

Designer: Willelaine Aromatherapy - Making luxe aromatherapy that is delightfully accessible. Luxe, beautiful, 100% Natural, and inexpensive. Willelaine are dedicated to helping people feel calm, happy and gorgeous. Each of the roll ons are 100% made with natural goodness & are hand-blended with love on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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