Aromatherapy offers numerous benefits for your mind and body. With the reality of today’s busy lifestyle there is not much time to soak in the goodness and the opportunities are rare, that’s where harnessing the goodness of aromatherapy from a more portable version is the new go to! You can now take aromatherapy with you anywhere with our Willelaine roll-on essential oils. We have four roll-on essential oils and blends to choose from, smile, dream, meditate and motivate - self-explanatory really! 

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When you do have that more than a moment in time to relax and rejuvenate, be it once a week or even once a month, our go to is Willelaine soaking salts - heaven in a bath! Or why not while you are pottering around the house or even sleeping, the Willelaine diffuser drops will have you multitasking without any effort whilst enjoying the multiple benefits of aromatherapy. 

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There are so many great benefits to using aromatherapy in your everyday life including reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep quality, soothe sore joints, improves energy levels, just to name a few. So reap the benefits and shop our beautiful range of Willelaine Aromatherapy today!

Lots of good vibes,
Olivia & Christie
Co-Founders of Tavi